How to survive a hangover…just.

Okay, so I’m no expert on what really works when it comes to getting rid of a killer hangover. To be honest, for years I didn’t do anything about them. Seriously, I would just sleep all day and cry about how much my head hurt..

Now, I at least attempt to sort myself out in the morning so I don’t feel like I’ve wasted the day in bed. (not that there is really anything wrong with that)!

(I’m sorry if these ‘tips’ are nothing like what you would do to get over a hangover..this is purely what I do to make myself feel better) xoxo

My first tip, is probably the MOST important one and it’s actually something to do before the hangover even starts.

TIP ONE: Take painkillers before bed (and drink lots of water with that)


This may not help for everyone, but after being told to try it one night and feeling like it actually made a bit of a difference, I’ve done it ever since. Follow up with taking two more the following day, as soon as you wake up, and then take ever four to six hours if you need too!



Seriously, drink the water like there’s no tomorrow! I recommend aiming to SIP (not gulp or ‘down it’ as it maaaaay remind you of that tequilla shot you downed the night before…) at least one glass of water when you wake up.

TIP THREE: Shower.


Just get up and DO IT! I know it’s hard, trust me I do. Actually having to MOVE and stand up and face the morning-after headache is the worst but trust me when I will feel a solid 40% better..may not seem like a lot, but usually as you move on with the day, you do start feeling better! I usually feel a full 100% better the next day…but still, I feel better after all?

TIP FOUR: Take yo vits.

vit c

(I only have a Vitamin C drink but it makes me feel SO much better). I buy the Boots branded ones and they work like a charm! And the orange flavour makes them taste super yum and you don’t actually feel like you’re taking a vitamin!

TIP FIVE: A BIG fat juicy fry up!

fry up

I mean, it doesn’t HAVE to be a fry up..but I’m pretty sure this is what most people crave when they’re hungover! Fry ups are meant to be eaten on a day when you’re hungover! I don’t really have anything else to say about this tip…because..they’re just amazing.



So if you don’t like coffee or tea..fair do’s. Go grab whatever drink you LAV and will make you feel better! I reach for coffee in the mornings because I could do with the boost, and tea in the evening of my hangover day because it relaxes me! (Herbal or normal..I ain’t fusssssed)!

TIP SEVEN: Get outside!


I can see the fear on your faces now…having to actually go outside???? YES. Trust me!! The old me would cry at the thought of it and just roll back into my duvet like the slug I was..but the new me knows how much better I feel for it! You don’t have to go for a walk..but just go outside! Get some fresh air and really just take a second to breathe and relax your body! You will feel great after, I promise.



I am totally sorry to all those who HATE lemon…but I friiiiickin’ love it! Whether it is in an ice-cold glass of water, or a hot cup of water (I prefer cold water) it’s just so refreshing and again, drinking alllll that water is only going to help you! I like lemon water anyway, but always appreciate it way more when I feel like I’m dying (dramatic I know..but still)



If you’re on a diet, or don’t usually eat carbs..that’s okay! This tip isn’t for everyone! I try to be as healthy as I can during the week anyway, but if I know I will be having a ‘heavy’ night out at the weekend, I try to be extra good as I know I’m gonna eat like a pig the day after! Everyone needs a day off (or two..or five) and even if it may not be true..carbs just make it better for me! I always feel better after a good ol’ fry up for breakfast and anything I can get my hands on (without having to cook..)! Breads, pastries, crisps, meats, pasta, ice cream…I’m really not fussed!



Okay so the last one (or two) kind of go hand in hand…I always like to finish the day of with a nice warm bath and an early night (if I can).

I’ll make sure I won’t be disturbed, run my bath, add my lush bath bombs(obviously) and siiiiink into the bubbly heaven! It’s super relaxing and you just feel so clean and calm! I love my baths anyway, but I enjoy them so much when I’m hungover because I can really feel my body relaxing as I lay there! I don’t stay in long because I’d probably fall asleep, but also because I always want to have a little ‘relaxing’ time in bed before I sleep. I’ll make sure I’m in the most comfy clothes I can find, climb into bed and CHILL. Whether it’s reading a book or writing, flicking through a magazine, looking on Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter (you get the idea) or just watching TV or a movie, it’s the perfect way to end the day! AND FINALLY, saving the best till last…SLEEP.


You know how that one goes. That’s me done for one night. Night all! Happy hangovers xoxo


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