Anniversaries, food and lots of walking…

Back in March, Josh and I celebrated our 1 year Anniversary! We’re not ones for celebrating biiiiig..but wanted to do something to mark the date.

We knew we didn’t want to travel far, and we wanted somewhere where there was lots to do so both decided on my faaaaaav place..BRIGHTON. I just love it there, there is always so so much to do and I never seem to have a bad day when I’m in Brighton.

We stayed at The Amsterdam Hotel, which was just the cutest little places. It was RIGHT by the pier (like, literally a 10 second walk)! We drove down there, checked into the hotel and went for a walk along the pier. (I even managed to NOT get any doughnuts which I am very very proud of)! We walked around some of the really pretty garden areas and I just had to be THAT girl and get out my camera! After that, we went back to the hotel to get ready for our dinner date! Josh found a nice small Indian restaurant called Pavel Indian. We over ate and over drank (obviously), I think the waiters reallllly wanted us to leave at about 9pm, then we headed back to the hotel! As it was a weekday, the pier shut at 7 and that ruined our plan to go for a nice walk again after the meal, but that’s okay because we had the BEST night anyway! I had work the next day so we had to check out at around 10/11, so headed back home after breakfast!

I love love love finding new places to eat and drink in Brighton! It’s my fav place to go for the day and always will be!


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